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EHS southern view of courtyard

Few places in this world are more special than Enumclaw High School. Not only do we have the distinct honor and privilege of helping incredible young people strive towards growth and excellence in our care, but we are able to do so with 120 outstanding and dedicated staff members who value community, building relationships and academic excellence. Each world-class team of teachers, paraprofessionals, secretaries, custodians and administrators has a clear unified focus on dedicating themselves to the success of each and every student. Teams of Enumclaw High School staff members work tirelessly in a collaborative, supportive and flexible environment to continuously focus our efforts on positive student growth to ensure that each student has a future of their choosing.

We believe that you - parents, families, and community members - are our best and most vital partner as we rely on your intimate and life-long experience to team with us to educate and prepare our community’s youth for the challenges and excitement of today’s world and that of the future as well. As partners in education with you, we believe it is our calling to maximize the potential of each Enumclaw High School student and provide the level of support, kindness and love that will help them to thrive and grow. We hope you know and understand that our doors are open and we are ready to develop and/or nurture our educational alliance moving forward.  Like hornets, our strength stems from our work together and we thrive when we work collaboratively as a community. As the physical plant of Enumclaw High School undergoes its metamorphosis through our major remodel, it slowly reveals the greatness that we impart to our students each and every day.

We welcome your open and honest feedback. Feedback is accepted face-to-face, written, or electronically. Please send written and electronic information to the school building’s main office or to the District office. We also offer a variety of committees that parents and citizens can participate in.

Enumclaw High School
226 Semanski Street South
Enumclaw, WA 98022
office: 360.802.7669
fax: 360.802.7676
Principal: Rodrick Merrell

Assistant Principals:
Chad Davidson
Paul Iacobazzi
Kim Herd, Career & Tech Ed

If this information is needed in an alternate format, please contact the Public Information Officer.

Enumclaw School District
2929 McDougall Ave
Enumclaw, WA 98022