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Animal Science, Advanced

EHS courtyard
Year long course 1.0 credit
dual credit may be available
Occupational Education credit
Grades eligible 10 - 12


General Description

Prerequisite: Beginning Animal Science

The goal of this class will be to further study the animal science and livestock production industries. We will focus on a variety of companion and livestock animals including but not limited to; cattle, swine, sheep, goats, equine, dogs, cats, small animal, and exotics. This course will focus on developing skills and furthering knowledge related to the industry through an emphasis of hands-on learning activities and problem based learning. In the advanced course students will apply their learning from beginning animal science through hands-on animal experiences. Potential projects include, but are not limited to managing class dairy goat herd (from animal care and handling to milk production and processing), partnering with local animal rescue to socialize animals and increase their adoption rates, managing a small class poultry operation (raise from egg to market ready), completing an independent agri-science study related to animal science industry, performing industry animal clinical and handling skills and techniques, and earning industry certifications through Elanco partnership.


Students will learn about:

  • Large Livestock Management and Production (Anatomy/Physiology, Reproduction/Genetics, Health, Nutrition, Productions, etc.)
  • Small Livestock Management and Production (Industry operations, cost of animal production and animal industry trends)
  • Animal Behaviors Studies (Human/Animal relationships, animal training, etc)
  • Participate in Animal Science Industry Research (role of contributing members of animal science industry, professional research, methods of sharing new learning according to industry)
  • Ethics in Animal Science
  • Animal Science Careers

Theory of Action

Career and Technical education courses introduce students to a variety of high demand and high skill career pathways and connect the student's future career goals to innovative learning environments.  With an emphasis on real world, real life skills, Career and Technical Education takes students where they need to go to be prepared for their future. Through integrating and applying 21st century skills, technical knowledge, and core academic learnings,  our goal is that every student will graduate from EHS prepared for the job market and postsecondary education. Whether students plan to go to work straight out of high school or eventually earn a PhD, whether they have a set clear career goal or just want to learn something practical and new, all students benefit from participating in CTE courses and programs of study.