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Business and Marketing, Introduction

EHS courtyard


General Description

Prerequisite: None

This project and web based course is the launching ground for ANY STUDENT who is interested in the exciting, challenging, and ever changing, “World of Business and Marketing”.


Students will be exposed to the software businesses use to conduct traditional and social media campaigns.  Through the use of computer simulations, students will have the opportunity to manage a professional sports franchise, develop a line of fashion, or run a hotel or restaurant chain.  Students are strongly encouraged to join DECA and take an active role in the leadership and competitive event programs it offers.  These written and oral events provide students with hands on learning opportunities connected with Washington business leaders and chance to travel.

Theory of Action

Business and Marketing Education offerings are designed to prepare students for entry into business and office occupational fields, retail merchandising, management, and school to work transition through on the job training.  All Business and Marketing courses meet graduation requirements for Occupational Education.