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Yearbook Staff

EHS courtyard


General Description

In this elective, the staff produces the Cascadian  yearbook. Students must be self-starters, able to work in teams, be conscious of quality control, and will be held to real life deadlines. We will cover basic photography, interviewing techniques, copy writing, page layout and design.  Emphasis is on accurate and fair coverage of the school year.


  • Layout and design using and Adobe Photoshop software
  • Writing copy, captions, and headlines
  • Digital Photography

Theory of Action

The Fine Visual Arts department as a whole  are committed to ensuring that all our students have authentic and in depth experiences with art media which will help them be successful inside the classroom, within the district, and the community.  It is our ongoing mission to help students create, communicate, and collaborate as they engage the art learning environment.  The department has found these actions will  motivate students to have perceptions and be effective communicators in the arts.