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Culinary Arts I - Creative Foods

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CULINARY ARTS I - Creative Foods

General Description

Prerequisite: None

Do you enjoy eating and preparing food?  Have you ever watched a cooking show on television and wished you could learn to prepare beautiful food?  Are you a Food Network junkie?  This course will challenge students of all ability levels.  Each hands on activity is designed to teach the correct use of equipment, proper food preparation and presentation as well as good customer relations and practices.  


  • Kitchen and food safety and sanitation
  • Protein rich foods, eggs
  • Food presentation
  • Kitchen Management
  • Knife techniques and classic knife cuts
  • Beginning Sauces 
  • Herbs and Spices


Theory of Action

Our mission is for students to live a balanced and productive life.  Students will identify tools needed to be successful in the culinary field as well as their own kitchen, The field of culinary arts is exploding with popularity, offering a variety of working conditions and career opportunities which we’ll prepare them for!