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Culinary Arts II - Creative Foods

EHS courtyard

CULINARY ARTS II - Creative Foods

General Description

Prerequisite: Culinary Arts I – Creative Foods with a C or better or teacher permission

Have you taken Culinary Arts I?  Now it’s time to strut your stuff while planning and executing EHS Catering Events and/or working at our Student Run Enterprises during school athletic contests. This course is designed for students that enjoy working in a fast paced, high energy environment.  The class focuses on transferable workplace skills, leadership activities and application of academics such as reading, writing and math.  Each hands on activity is challenging and designed to stimulate a variety of aspects found in the culinary industry.  The Food Related Industry is one of the fastest growing job markets in America.  Be part of this fast paced fun environment! 


  • Culinary Techniques and Skills
  • Baking
  • Sanitation and Food Safety
  • Catering
  • The Hospitality Industry
  • Food Labs
  • Preparation and Assessment

Theory of Action

Our mission is for students to live a balanced and productive life.  Students will identify tools needed to be successful in the culinary field as well as their own kitchen, The field of culinary arts is exploding with popularity, offering a variety of working conditions and career opportunities which we’ll prepare them for!