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Human Anatomy / Physiology

EHS courtyard
Year long course 1.0 credit
Occupational Education credit
Elective credit
Science credit
Grades 11 - 12


General Description

The objective of this course is to acquire knowledge in the fundamental facts and principles of human structure (anatomy) and function (physiology).  The class is designed to expand the student’s understanding of the human body in both health and disease and careers associated to anatomy and physiology.  Students study the abnormalities of human structure and function (pathology).  Laboratory work makes up about half of the year and includes organ dissections to illustrate the organ systems.  Students considering a career in a health field, athletes, artists and those curious about the human body should find this class very worthwhile. Participation in dissection laboratory activities is mandatory.


  • Learn an overview of all 11 body systems through clay modeling, mystery patient diagnosis, personal interest , and traditional methods
  • Explore a multitude of careers in the health, medical, and related fields
  • Experience dissection in a surgical setting; learning proper surgical, suturing, biopsy techniques
  • Opportunities for CPR/First Aid/AED/Stop the Bleed Certification
  • Participation in HOSA Leadership opportunities
  • CTE Credit Available

Theory of Action

The goal of science education at EHS is to engage our students through student choice. Each course is designed to encourage scientific literacy and critical thinking through relevant topics and authentic experiences in the lab and classroom.