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Medical Careers

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Medical Careers

General Description

Analyze the evidence found at a crime scene and help the medical examiner uncover clues left on a body to solve a mystery. Question, diagnose, and propose treatment and care for patients in a family medical practice. Track down the source of a mysterious outbreak at a local hospital. Access and stabilize a patient during an emergency and prepare for medical surge and mobile medical care. Collaborate with professionals in other fields to innovate and design solutions to local and global medical problems. 

Whether seeking a career in medicine or healthcare or simply looking to for the challenge of real-world problems, students in Medical Careers will practice how to think creatively and critically to innovate in science and will gain practical experience with experimental design and the design process.


  • Interpret physiological data
  • Innovate solutions to current and emerging medical issues
  • Causation and inheritance of disease
  • Perform routine medical tests and evaluate results
  • Professional medical communication and collaboration

Theory of Action

Students are introduced to exciting and engaging ways they can gain knowledge and skills that help prepare them to be career and college ready in the 21st century. Hands on, project based assignments are designed to spark interest, ignite imagination and foster creativity. Students see how core subjects are connected through authentic learning projects that challenge students to create, communicate, collaborate and solve problems.