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Language and Composition, Advanced Placement

EHS courtyard
Year long course 1.0 credit
AP credit available
English credit
Grade 11 eligible

Language and Composition, Advanced Placement

General Description

Prerequisite: English 10 and/or English 11 (Pre-AP recommended); willingness to invest the time necessary to perform at a rigorous academic level.

AP Language and Composition offers an intensive exploration of the power of language and rich text, as well as the opportunity for college-bound juniors to develop skills in articulate, sophisticated written communication and close analytical reading. An environment of academic rigor and enrichment encourages students to challenge their own thinking and skills to read, write, and think at the college level. Students will be encouraged to take the Advanced Placement exam in the spring, with the potential to earn college credit for their work. This class is recommended before taking AP Literature as a senior.


  • Advanced composition development with a focus on rhetorical analysis, argument, and synthesis
  • College-level critical reading strategies with a focus on an author’s argument, purpose, and tone and the language and stylistic choices authors make with these in mind. 
  • Texts have a nonfiction focus on historical, classical, and contemporary forms.
  • Units include Language and Thought, Media and Technology, Education, Classical Argument, and Identity and Society.
  • Language study includes advanced grammar, vocabulary, and rhetorical techniques

Theory of Action

As an English department, we are committed to ensuring that our students have authentic and rigorous experiences with multiple forms of texts and writing opportunities which will help them be successful inside and outside of the classroom.  It is our ongoing mission to create engaging learning environments that are intentionally planned to motivate students to become insightful thinkers and effective communicators.