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Worksite Learning

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Worksite learning

General Description

“Work-based Learning” means a learning experience that connects knowledge and skills obtained in the classroom to those needed outside of the classroom, and comprises a range of activities and instructional strategies designed to assist students in developing and fulfilling their educational plans.


A student may enroll in Worksite learning if they are 16 years old, work at least 12 hours a week in an approved job, and have successfully passed or be currently enrolled in a Career & Technical class.  A student may earn 0.5 credits per semester with 180 hours of work or 1.0 credits per semester with 360 hours of work. The student must be enrolled or have passed a qualifying class.  A qualifying class is a course related to Worksite Learning taken the year before or during employment.

Theory of Action

Worksite Learning allows students to gain essential knowledge and skills that they will need in entering the workforce.  Students connect skills they have learned in CTE classes to a real-world work experience.