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Scheduling Policies and Procedures

EHS courtyard


Students will be scheduled into classes based on the following priorities

  • Classes needed for graduation requirements
  • If students cannot be placed in their first choice elective classes, alternates listed will be used to complete schedules. If no alternates are listed, students will be placed in classes based on room available.
  • Elective classes are filled by seniority status (senior, junior, sophomore and then freshman).


Schedule Changes

Students are expected to choose classes carefully and remain in those classes for the entire length of the class term. Changes to schedules will be made on a very limited basis. Student schedule changes will not be granted following the second Friday of each semester.

Schedule corrections will be made for the following reasons:

  • Incomplete schedule
  • Senior needing class for graduation
  • Student does not meet the pre-requisite for the class
  • Errors made during data input


Credit Retrieval Options

  • Students may make up credits for failed classes through various credit retrieval classes.
  • Students can talk to a school counselor to discuss options.
  • Failed classes may not be retaken during the regular school day (except for Math and World Language classes).