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Forensic Science 1

EHS courtyard


General Description

Prerequisites: None

This cross-disciplinary course utilizes the the science and engineering practices of the NGSS and knowledge from diverse fields including physics, chemistry, and biology to answer real-world questions.  Students learn to collect and analyze evidence, evaluate and/or re-create physical environments, and to develop conclusions based on the data from investigations.  The course includes information about the particular requirements of crime scene investigations and also a unit on careers in Forensics Science.


  • Learn the skills necessary to observe crime scenes and collect evidence as would a CSI analyst.
  • Learn to visualize, process, document and record Crime Scene details.
  • Learn the various aspects of Blood Spatter and how it relates to the determination of events at a crime scene.
  • Learn the use DNA in the identification or exoneration of suspects.
  • Learn the process of Hair and Fiber Analysis and how it can be used to identify aspects of a crime.

Theory of Action

The goal of science education at EHS is to engage our students through student choice. Each course is designed to encourage scientific literacy and critical thinking through relevant topics and authentic experiences in the lab and classroom.