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American Pop Culture

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General Description

Prerequisite: None

This course will examine the impact of Pop Culture in the United States that help make up our unique American culture.  Students will analyze and predict how society effects pop culture and the way that pop culture impacts society.  Each unit will include a brief overview of the significant historical developments of the time period.  We will then examine the popular cultural developments that coincided with the historical events.  Mass Media, music, literature, film, radio, tv, sports, fashion and advertising will be some of the focus areas for study. This class will give an opportunity for students investigate variety of different pop culture influences that have become part of the American identity.


Popular culture analysis occurs in a number of different fields, including sociology, communication, historical studies, and more. We will look at media, social media, advertising, music, technology, and more to examine how we are all both a user and are used by popular culture.

Theory of Action

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