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General Description

Prerequisite: None

Students will learn about the philosophy of government, the functions of the U.S. political system, foreign and domestic policy making, and the role of government in contemporary issues. The course is designed to prepare students to both understand and participate in the United States system of state and federal government. 


Federal, state, and local government organization. Rights and responsibilities of citizens. Electoral issues including elections, ballot measures, initiatives and referenda. Current issues addressed at each level of government.

Theory of Action

Enumclaw High School Social Studies Teachers are passionate about the wide-ranging subject matter that we teach. We believe History, Psychology, Civics, Contemporary Issues and the various interest-based classes we offer promote an informed citizenry ready to participate in the future of our country. The Social Studies Department is committed to developing authentic learning experiences in our various curricula designed to engage students through promoting a deeper understanding of the world around us.