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Contemporary World Problems

EHS courtyard


General Description

Prerequisite: None

Contemporary Issues is devoted to studying the historical origins and development of domestic and foreign political and social problems that confront contemporary humanity. Possibilities include regional studies (ex. AIDS in Africa or the state of affairs in the Middle East), as well as issues of global concern such as North/South relations, environmental issues, the war on terror, world poverty, sustainable development and global economic development. Specific topics to explore will be developed in conjunction with the students according to their interests and needs.


The 21st century is characterized by changing circumstances as new economies emerge and new technologies change the way people interact. Issues related to health, economics, security and the environment are universal.

Theory of Action

Enumclaw High School Social Studies Teachers are passionate about the wide-ranging subject matter that we teach. We believe History, Psychology, Civics, Contemporary Issues and the various interest-based classes we offer promote an informed citizenry ready to participate in the future of our country. The Social Studies Department is committed to developing authentic learning experiences in our various curricula designed to engage students through promoting a deeper understanding of the world around us.