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Economics for the Real World

EHS courtyard


General Description

Prerequisite: None

It has been said, “Money Makes the World Go Around.” This class will explore economic systems and help you make your own financial decisions now and in the future. We will discuss how macro and micro topics influence your decisions as a consumer and the world of small business, investment and competition. If you have every wondered “How to get rich or die trying” this is the class for you.


Students will study the laws of supply and demand and why people and societies make economic choices. Students will examine macroeconomic and microeconomic principles in order to understand the fundamentals of the American and global economic systems. Students will examine components of the American economy such as price, competition, business and banking institutions. The course will also examine issues related to the economy such as employment and labor issues, the role of the government in the economy and selected topics on global economics.

Theory of Action

Enumclaw High School Social Studies Teachers are passionate about the wide-ranging subject matter that we teach. We believe History, Psychology, Civics, Contemporary Issues and the various interest-based classes we offer promote an informed citizenry ready to participate in the future of our country. The Social Studies Department is committed to developing authentic learning experiences in our various curricula designed to engage students through promoting a deeper understanding of the world around us.