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Psychology: Disorders and the Criminal Mind

EHS courtyard


General Description

Prerequisite: None

Why are some people criminals and other people follow all the rules? Can you spot a potential serial killer?  What drives a person to hurt others? These questions and many more like them guide this course. You will explore psychological disorders and what happens when things go wrong with the mind and brain. The focus will be to explain and predict criminal behavior and learn what can be done to prevent it and change it. We will also explore other disorders like depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia as well as dissociative, somatic and post traumatic stress disorders.


  • Brain Biology-How  it works and what goes wrong
  • Parenting-How criminals are made
  • Disorders- Personality disorders and psychiatric disorders, their signs and symptoms
  • Treatments-What are the treatment options, does prison work?

Theory of Action

Enumclaw High School Social Studies Teachers are passionate about the wide-ranging subject matter that we teach. We believe History, Psychology, Civics, Contemporary Issues and the various interest-based classes we offer promote an informed citizenry ready to participate in the future of our country. The Social Studies Department is committed to developing authentic learning experiences in our various curricula designed to engage students through promoting a deeper understanding of the world around us.