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US History, Advanced Placement

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US HISTORY, Advanced Placement

General Description

Prerequisite: Willingness to invest the time necessary to perform at a rigorous academic level.

This course is a comprehensive United States History class starting with the The Age of Exploration and concluding in The Near Present Day. The curriculum is designed to assist students in preparing to take the College Board Exam in the Spring of the academic year. If students score at a level deemed proficient by The College Board, they may earn college credits that can meet graduation requirements at many universities. College-level habits of mind, writing and analytical skills will be the main focus of the course.  Fees: Optional AP Exam Fee (Approx. $100.00)

Major Topics of the Course

  • European Colonization of the Americas
  • The American Revolution
  • The New Nation
  • The Civil War Era
  • Industrialization
  • The Progressive Era
  • America in WWI
  • The Great Depression
  • America in WWII
  • The Age of Consensus
  • The Cold War
  • Social Challenges
  • New Global Dilemmas

In this class homework will be flexible in order to allow students the ability to balance academic and personal schedules. Students wishing to maximize the chance of a successful outcome on the National Board Exam will need to read significant portions of the textbook in order to expand on in-class learning. However, like a college course, the reading pace and volume is up to the student to determine. As an estimate, if a student reads for 20-25 minutes per night starting at the beginning of the year they should be able to complete the full amount of reading before the AP Exam in early May. Students should be able to complete the balance of the course work during class time provided time is used effectively.

Theory of Action

Enumclaw High School Social Studies Teachers are passionate about the wide-ranging subject matter that we teach. We believe History, Psychology, Civics, Contemporary Issues and the various interest-based classes we offer promote an informed citizenry ready to participate in the future of our country. The Social Studies Department is committed to developing authentic learning experiences in our various curricula designed to engage students through promoting a deeper understanding of the world around us.