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Art and Design

EHS courtyard

Art and Design

General Description

Prerequisite: None

This course is designed for any level of past artistic experience to develop and broaden students’ creative thinking skills, understanding of and appreciation for the visual arts and culture, and increase proficiency in visual art techniques and processes. Students will apply the elements and principles of design within an art historical context to develop skills in composition and range of styles. Techniques and media such as paint, pastel, charcoal, marker, ink, collage, digital art, and printmaking will be explored. Students will develop technical skills, turn concepts into images, and apply critical analysis used in the design process. Career opportunities are explored throughout the year, and students will build a digital portfolio online.


  • Contemporary & Art Historical exploration
  • Still-life, Portraits, personal voice
  • Safety Training & Career Exploration
  • Use of Elements & Principles of Design
  • Adobe Photoshop & Web Portfolio
  • Design Process based Project Learning: 
    • Researching, creating, presenting, collaborating, analyzing, critiquing, and refining
    • Media exploration (painting, printmaking, collage, drawing, digital, etc.)
    • Style Exploration (Non-objective, Abstract, Stylized, Representational)
    • Professional Practices in Preparing & Publicly Exhibiting Art

Theory of Action

The Fine Visual Arts department as a whole  are committed to ensuring that all our students have authentic and in depth experiences with art media which will help them be successful inside the classroom, within the district, and the community.  It is our ongoing mission to help students create, communicate, and collaborate as they engage the art learning environment.  The department has found these actions will  motivate students to have perceptions and be effective communicators in the arts.