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Art Studio, Advanced Placement

EHS courtyard

Art Studio, Advanced Placement

General Description

Prerequisite: Teacher permission – completion of an advanced level art course; pre-registration interview with AP Art teacher for permission to enter the studio program.


The Art Studio, AP (Advanced Placement) program is designed for highly motivated high school students to do college level work. Students will spend the school year completing a portfolio of work through class and homework assignments that may be submitted to the College Board in May for next year. This class prepares students for the AP exam and college level work. Success in this class will depend greatly on student’s ability to work independently and ask for help often. In addition to class work, students will be required to turn in one concentration every two weeks. Career opportunities are explored throughout the year.

Theory of Action

The Fine Visual Arts department as a whole  are committed to ensuring that all our students have authentic and in depth experiences with art media which will help them be successful inside the classroom, within the district, and the community.  It is our ongoing mission to help students create, communicate, and collaborate as they engage the art learning environment.  The department has found these actions will  motivate students to have perceptions and be effective communicators in the arts.