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Video Production, Advanced

EHS courtyard

Video Production, Advanced

General Description

Prerequisite: Minimum of “C” grade in beginning video and instructor approval

This course uses the foundation of knowledge gained in video productions to continue the creative process of filmmaking.


Students will learn:

  • Camera movement equipment and techniques
  • More advanced Adobe Premiere skills
  • Creating special effects and other animations with Adobe After Effects
  • Higher level and more complex story planning.
  • The production of films at a standard high enough to share at film festivals and student competitions

Theory of Action

The Fine Visual Arts department as a whole  are committed to ensuring that all our students have authentic and in depth experiences with art media which will help them be successful inside the classroom, within the district, and the community.  It is our ongoing mission to help students create, communicate, and collaborate as they engage the art learning environment.  The department has found these actions will  motivate students to have perceptions and be effective communicators in the arts.