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Concert Band

EHS courtyard

Concert Band

General Description

Prerequisite: None!
Homework: Home practice

Come learn an instrument, there are tons to choose from! Gather a crowd of adoring fans by swooning them with your saxophone, be the biggest diva the flute world has ever seen, learn what a bassoon is! Your world becomes much more exciting when you add an instrument into the mix! (Pianists are welcome!)

Concert Band is open to all students learning an instrument, and teaches you musical concepts that help prepare you for more advanced musicianship through pieces of music, technique building, and the chance to write or compose your own songs! Learn how to express yourself and find your voice through music!

Out of school performances are required during the year, including the wonderful opportunity to cheer on our sports teams as part of the pep band!

Theory of Action

Each day is an opportunity to make a new discovery about who you are: to see the world around you and develop skills to analyze structures of performance. This course will make you a more confident and courageous person while providing tools to work in any dynamic group. The ultimate goal is not to be a professional musician, rather to be a stronger communicator, better listener, and more knowledgeable audience.