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Instrumental Chamber Ensemble

EHS courtyard

Instrumental Chamber Ensemble

This course is scheduled during “0” hour.  

General Description

This course is designed to allow students concurrently enrolled in the music program an avenue to explore chamber music. Student work will be based on small group ensemble playing. Specific skills and concepts addressed will include: performance practices, conducting, arranging, independent musicianship, and deeper level musicality.


  • Classic Ensembles
  • Arranging for Traditional and Non-Traditional Ensembles
  • Performance and Competition

Contact Person for more information:  Ainsley Holz

Theory of Action

Each day is an opportunity to invent your personality and character; to see the world around you through developing skills in analysis and performance. This course will give you tools to be more confident and courageous. We will provide tools to work in any dynamic group. Our goal is for you to be successful in all of your endeavours by becoming a stronger speaker, better listener, and more knowledgeable audience.