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Jazz Band

EHS courtyard

Jazz Band

General Description

Prerequisite: None
This course is scheduled during “0” hour.  

This course is designed to introduce music students to the history and theory of jazz music. Students will rehearse and perform tunes ranging from, swing and funk to early rock and modern pop. Additionally, this course will challenge students to further their knowledge in music theory, musicality, style, expression, and improvisation. 


  • Jazz History
  • Jazz Theory
  • Big Band
  • Combo

Contact Person for more information:  Timothy Hager-Wentz

Theory of Action

Each day is an opportunity to invent your personality and character; to see the world around you through developing skills in analysis and performance. This course will give you tools to be more confident and courageous. We will provide tools to work in any dynamic group. Our goal is for you to be successful in all of your endeavours by becoming a stronger speaker, better listener, and more knowledgeable audience.