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EHS courtyard
Year long course 1.0 credit
Fine Arts credit
Grades eligible 10 - 12


General Description

Prerequisite: One year choral experience; approval by Director
Homework: Home practice

Are you a Sophomore woman or older and really want to sing in a choir but think it is too late because you didn’t your Freshman year?   This is the class for you.  Come see Mr. Scott ASAP and let him complete your training of becoming a Phenomenal Vocalist.

This class is designed to give our female vocalists an opportunity to learn more about their voice.  We work on a variety of music to develop a better sense of Blend, balance and vocal tone.  Students will be also exposed to an extensive amount of rhythm, theory and breathing exercises.  This class builds confidence in themselves as well as their ability in their vocal ability.

Out of school performances are required during the year. 

Theory of Action

Each day is an opportunity to make a new discovery about who you are: to see the world around you and develop skills to analyze structures of performance. This course will make you a more confident and courageous person while providing tools to work in any dynamic group. The ultimate goal is not to be a professional musician, rather to be a stronger communicator, better listener, and more knowledgeable audience.