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Coro Di Uomo

EHS courtyard
Year long course 1.0 credit
Fine Arts credit
Grades 9 - 12 eligible


General Description

Prerequisite: None! 
This course is scheduled during 7th period. 
Homework: Practice/Individual

Have you ever wondered “I like to sing, but am I any good?”  “What if I mess up?”  “I don’t want to make mistakes around girls and embarrass myself.”   This is the class for you guys.    ALL ATHLETE MEN WELCOME as well.  We work with coaches to allow you to be in both activities!

All aspiring male vocalists are welcome. This course is designed to give students an opportunity to learn more about the male singing voice and perform in a large group. Students will be exposed to a wide range of choral literature, basic vocal production, and will learn some basic music theory in order to improve their music reading skills. This class is open to all men who wish to gain singing experience. Out-of-school performances are required during the year. Participation in class and events, attendance and behavior in class will determine grade. Students must have a high level of motivation and commitment. Come and join the men’s choir! 

Theory of Action

Each day is an opportunity to make a new discovery about who you are: to see the world around you and develop skills to analyze structures of performance. This course will make you a more confident and courageous person while providing tools to work in any dynamic group. The ultimate goal is not to be a professional musician, rather to be a stronger communicator, better listener, and more knowledgeable audience.