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German 1 - 2

EHS courtyard

German 1 - 2

General Description

Prerequisite: None

The course objective is to introduce beginning students to German language and culture through real-life situations. Special emphasis will be put on communicative activities and games, along with reading and writing exercises. Films, music, and current TV shows will be used to strengthen skills. Students are eligible to apply for the German-American-Partnership Exchange Program (every other year).


  • Students will explore the German language through the topics of school, geography, family, the home, daily routines and food, along with various grammar structures. 
  • Cultural topics include Oktoberfest, Holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter, as well as music videos every Wednesday. 
  • Culture Credit project: Students will complete activities in and out of class related to German culture - watching films, attending German Club and field trips, as well as cooking and food days.

Theory of Action

As a World Language department, we are committed to ensuring that our students have authentic experiences with the language and culture which will help them be successful inside and outside of the classroom.  It is our ongoing mission to create engaging learning environments that are intentionally planned to motivate students to become insightful thinkers and effective communicators.