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Spanish 1 - 2

EHS courtyard

Spanish 1 - 2

General Description

Prerequisite: None

Students will be introduced to the Spanish language. Students will build vocabulary and their understanding of grammar to communicate at a beginning level. Students will participate and work toward building proficiency in the five areas of language; listening, speaking, reading, writing, and culture. Further, due to the highly participatory nature of this course, both attendance and active class participation are essential to success. Cultural material is included through the use of films, reading selections, class discussion, music and projects.


Through speaking, reading, writing, and listening in the target language we align our content with the ACFL 5c’s:

  1. Communication - Communicate in Languages Other Than English,
  2. Cultures - Gain Knowledge and Understanding of Other Cultures,
  3. Connections - Connect With Other Disciplines and Acquire Information,
  4. Comparisons - Develop Insight Into the Nature of Language and Culture,
  5. Communities - Participate in Multilingual Communities at Home and Around the World.

Theory of Action

As a World Language department, we are committed to ensuring that our students have authentic experiences with the language and culture which will help them be successful inside and outside of the classroom.  It is our ongoing mission to create engaging learning environments that are intentionally planned to motivate students to become insightful thinkers and effective communicators.