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Beyond High School

It is never too early to be thinking about life after high school. At EHS we offer a variety of programs to help support student thinking, planning, and work around life after high school. Our hope is that as students engage in the development of individualized beyond high school plans that all students will be prepared to step into life after high school with confidence, hope, and a clear path for their future.

Enumclaw School District uses SchoolData for our career and college exploration for students to research and learn about career options beyond high school. SchoolData provides resources as well as the ability for students to record and document their research and high school beyond plan. All students 7-12 have access to SchoolData anywhere they have internet access. 

SchoolData can be accessed by going to Student Portal on our district website then select SchoolData Dashboard or go to (make sure to bookmark this page). To login the student will use their Skyward Student Access username (not their student email) and password. 

A few features of SchoolData:

  • Career Planner
    • Assessment tools to help students identify potential career pathways
  • Career Research including wage, employment growth, education or training requirements
  • College Research including cost, contact information, website, graduation rate, programs offered
  • Four Year Planning
    • Planning their high school career based on career choices
  • Graduation Monitor
    • High School and Beyond Plan requirements
    • Graduation Requirement
  • Financial Aid including what is it, how to apply
  • Future Ready Skills