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Scholarships are funds available to students who wish to attend a 2 or 4 year college, trade school, and even apprenticeships. These funds are free to you, meaning you do not pay them back. There are millions of dollars that go unused just because a student did not apply. Every scholarship has their own set of criteria for the application process and requirements. 

Be prepared to have the following as some, if not all, scholarships will request the information.

  • Official transcript
  • Letters of Recommendations
  • College Entrance Exam Scores  

It is recommended to start applying for scholarships by the summer of your junior year and spend up to 5 hours per week applying. This will reduce any out of pocket expenses for college tuition. 

There are scholarship search engines and databases where students can create a profile and search for scholarships on this List of Scholarships and Resources as well as the new tool below to find vetted and relevant scholarships.

Local scholarships are available, typically, after mid-winter break and the applications will be found in the Going Merry App.